What is Managed printing (MPS)?

MPS is a comprehensive suite of hardware, supplies, software and services delivered in a consultative, contractual engagement. The customer benifts of MPS are:

  • a reduced visible cost from printer hardware and supplies and uncover many hidden costs associated with how people use documents.
  • optimization and management of the printer fleet as well as other document related processes with software solutions to help digitize, store and acces information.

What is Printing as a Service?

Driven by the cloud tendencies Printing as a Service includes all the benefits of a standard MPS contract but leverages an OPEX cost model. Customers don’t pay for printer hardware anymore, instead they pay a all in cost per print they make in a transparent service agreement with monitored KPI’s.

Smartify’s MPS / PaaS approach 

Inline with your business objectives and challenges:

Cost consciousness

  • Businesses are always looking to lower their cost to stay competitive, but many do not know what their actual spend is on printing.
  • Smartify helps you to understand your true cost of printing, together we can look to optimize your investment in printers and copiers.
  • Implementing Smartify’s MPS or PaaS has an almost immediate benefit of lowering costs through fleet consolidation, reduction of waste due to supplies mismanagement, and support costs.


  • Altough many IT departments rigorously apply security measures to computers and the network, printing devices are most of the time overlooked.
  • As threats continue to evolve, printers often offer opportunities for attackers to compromise the device, your data or the entire network.

Fleet predictability and transparency

  • Overall print volumes are declining and many companies do not view print as a strategic IT investment. However the documents that are printed or scanned are often critical, making this an important business objective that cannot be ignored.
  • Companies want to understand and optimize their print spend without compromising reliability, productivity or security.
  • Companies are seeking a SPOC for service and fulfillment, visibility and accountability of their print environment to ensure they get the performance and reliability they need.

Paper process automation – Workflow

  • Streamlining document workflow is critical for business success as it allows you to provide better service to your customers, faster transactions, improved security and compliance with government and industry regulations.
  • With work virtually anywhere anytime initiatives in place the ability to digitize information and make it accessible and secured is at the heart of the workplace of tomorrow.

Environmental impact

  • Companies are looking for printing solutions that reduces both the environmental impact, and cost, of printing.
  • They want energy-efficient devices and to be able to reduce waste and print responsibly.
  • Research shows that 82% of companies say sustainability is important in corporate decision making, 67% say environmental performance is important when making a purchase decision, and 35% say sustainability / energy efficiency  is often a tie-breaker for product selection.
  • Smartify offers besides document solutions to monitor and responsibly reduce print volumes a unique managed reforestation programme: Printreleaf

Refocusing IT resources

  • Companies are asking their IT departments to focus more on strategic growth enablers and to improve user productivity via cloud, mobility, and customer-driven applications.
  • MPS / PaaS is critical when the expense of in-house staffing is considered and when they do not have the expertise to manage a specific function like security.
  • Smartify’s  MPS / PaaS can free up time and resources for IT to focus on core competencies that deliver business results.

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