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Smartify document solutions approach is based on 3 pillars.
Fleet management, security and capture / workflow automation.

Fleet Management

Companies require transparency and control to optimize their fleet and make decisions based on data driven actionable insights.

Our offer:
- Papercut
- HP Jetadvantage security solutions
- Our own Smartify Managed Service Suite


Altough many IT departments rigorously apply security measures to computers and the network, printing devices are most of the time overlooked. As threats continue to evolve, printers often offer opportunities for attackers to compromise the device, your data or the entire network.

Our offer:
- Papercut
- HP Jetadvantage security solutions

Together with our sister company cronos security we can offer an end to end security approach, this starts with defining a policy-driven enterprise security program framework that places security program management and risk management in a larger context.

From a security perspective it continues with in-depth focus on governance, architecture, design and operations. This is the only way to understand, apart of the visible "tip of the iceberg", the truly significant risks we face. And most importantly, our approach provides adequate and state-of-the-art end-to-end security solutions you can rely on.


Smartify delivers workflow solutions that orchestrate the capture and secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications.

Our offer:
- Nuance

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